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Last updated 6-3-05 New Items in blue

* indicates a trade in progess


Star Trek: The Animated Adventures Master Set including:

Base set
Parallel foil set
2 Checklists cards
James Doohan Tribute set
The Enterprise Bridge Crew set
Captain Kirk In Motion set
Star Trek Micro-Cels set
All 12 Autograph Cards
5 Box Topper Die-Cut CDROM set
Case topper Enterprise set

Sell sheet
Promos P1, P2, P3

Buffy Connections Master Set including:

Base set
Parallel BC set
9-card Slayer's Circle set
Costume card set with all 12 combinations
Box Loader Set BL1-3
6-card Heartbreak set
Coffin card CL-1
Sell sheet
Promos P1, P1-P, P-i, P-UK, P-UKP, P-FOA

Buffy Season 7 Master Set including:

Base set
Complete autograph set (Nathan Fillion - Caleb, Clare Kramer - Glory, DB Woodside - Principal Wood, Harris Yulin - Quentin Travers, Camden Toy - Turok-Han, K.D. Aubert - Nikki Wood, Iyari Limon - Kennedy, Clara Bryant - Molly,
Amanda Fuller - Eve, Felicia Day - Vi, Sarah Hagan - Amanda, Lalaine - Chloe, Indigo - Rona, Kristy Wu - Chao-Ahn) Complete costume card set (Andrew’s Toga, Kennedy’s Sweater, Kennedy’s T-shirt, Kennedy’s Pants, Cassie’s T-shirt, Olaf’s Tunic, Rachel’s Blouse, Rachel’s Pants)
The Final Battle set

Parallel Final Battle set
Slayer's Legacy set
Warriors Reunite box loader set
Final Farewell - Case loader CL-1 Joss Whedon autograph
Sell sheet
Promos B7-1, B7-2, B7-3

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