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Last updated 1-10-06 New Items in blue

* indicates a trade in progess


The Avengers, The Definitive Trading Card Collection - Series One
AVP-1 Coming in 2002 (Peel & Steed)
AVP2 Bang, Bang
Sell sheet

Buffy Season 4

Buffy Johnny Lightning

"I told her I was a vampire and that daylight patio dining was out."
"You don't smell human."
"News flash, pal. You're a little off the evolutionary chart yourself."
"I still save them. Who cares if I don't stop to chat?"
"I'm really the last person who would comment on an eating disorder."

"You don't just sneak up on people in a graveyard! You stomp or yodel."
"Seize the moment, 'cause tomorrow you might be dead."
"I didn't jump to conclusions. I took a tiny step and there they were."

"I think I speak for everyone here when I say 'Huh?'"

"I know music. Music has notes. This is noise."
"I had very definite plans for my future. I was going to be a fighter pilot. Or possibly a grocer."

"Yeah, I killed a couple of Slayers in my time. I don't like to brag ... Oh, who am I kidding? I love to brag."
"Drusilla's out of her mind. That's what I love about her."
"She's the gnat in my ear, the gristle in my teeth. She's the bloody thorn in my bloody side!"
"I'm sorry baby. I'm a bad, rude man."

"I don't get wild. Wild on me equals 'spaz.'"
"Does anybody mind if I pass out?"

"I don't handle rejection well. Funny, considering how much practice I've had."
"I have a plan. We wait and then Buffy saves us."

Buffy Chupa Chups Stickers
"B" in black shield
Blue heart atop cross
Yellow cross with "B"

Farscape Season 1
TV1 promo

Gilligan’s Island
sell sheet

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
01 In theaters Summer 2004 (Silver foil; Dumbledore)
04 In theaters Summer 2004 (Silver foil; Hermione, Harry, Ron)
05 In theaters Summer 2004 (Silver foil; convoy; U.K.)
-- Trading Cards (dealer sell sheet)
-- Collectible Tins (dealer sell sheet)
Promo Card Sets
-- Red foil 01-05

-- Green foil 01-05 (toy fair)
-- Blue foil 01-05 (toy fair)
-- Gold Foil 01-05 (Dealer incentive)
-- 01-05 (not foil-stamped; "Cards Inc.")

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Update
P3 (exclusive silver binder promo)
P4 (exclusive silver binder promo)
P3 (Harry casting spell)
P4 (Hermione, Buckbeak, & Harry in trees)
-- (dealer sell sheet)
Promo Card Sets
-- (gold foil 01-04)
-- (red foil 01-04)
-- (green foil 01-04)
-- (blue foil 01-04)
-- (holofoil 01-04)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Silver Foil Stamped
Promo 01 (Fred & George trying to enter tournament)
Promo 02 (Harry, Hermione, & Rita Skeeter)
Promo 03 (Ron & Harry in dress robes San Diego Comic Con)
Promo 04 (Harry enters Dumbledore's office; San Diego Comic Con)

01-04 (gold foil set: binder case incentive)
01-04 (red foil set; 3 binder cases incentive)
01-04 (blue foil set; 5 binder cases incentive)
01-04 (green foil set; New York Toy Fair)
Tin Bonus Cards
T1 Horntail and Harry
T2 Harry below Dark Mark

Lord of the Rings: FOTR
sell sheet

LOTR:Two Towers Action Flipz Artbook 2002
Promo Flipz P1, 2, 3, 5, 6
sell sheet

Jim Henson’s Muppets

Muppets Take The Ice

Mummy Returns

The Prisoner Autograph Series #1
sell sheet

Ren & Stimpy
P1, 2 and 3

The Very Best of The Saint
Preview set

Simpsons Series 1 - 1993 SkyBox
Promos P1, P2, P4

Simpsons Series 2 - 1994 SkyBox
Promo P4

Simpsons Collectible Film Cards Artbox 2000

Simpsons Down Under
P1, P4

Simpsons 10th Anniversary
Promos ww2000, SC-I

Spike: The Complete Story

Stargate: SGI Season 7

Star Trek: TOS in Motion
Preview set

X Files Season 3

X Files Contact
sell sheet

X Files Showcase
FC 0 fan club card
sell sheet

X Files Fight The Future
sell sheet

Xena Season 2
sell sheet



24 P1 (3), P2 (11), P3 (9), P4 (12)

Alias Season 3 A3-1, A3-2 (2), A3-UK,
Alias Season 4 P2
Andromeda P1, SD-2001
Andromeda Reign of the Commonwealth ARC1 (5), ARCi (2), P-LVCC

Angel Season 1 A-P1 (2), AP-2 (2), WW2000
Angel Season 2 AL-1 (2), A2-1
Angel Season 3 A3-1 (7), A3-i and SD2002 (2)
Angel Season 4 A4-1 (5), A4-2 (4), A4-i, A4-UK
Angel Season 5 A5-1(2), A5-i (2)
Animaniacs P2
The Complete Babylon 5 P1
Babylon 5 Season 4 un-numbered promo
Babylon 5 Season 5 un-numbered promo (2), VHS promo
Babylon 5 Special Edition un-numbered promo
Babylon 5 Profiles un-numbered promo
Batman Animated Series un-numbered promo (2)
Batman Animated Series - Series 2 un-numbered promo

Battle of the Planets un-numbered promo
Battlestar: Galactica P1 (3)

Baywatch P promo
Mr. Bean P1
Beavis and Butthead un-numbered promo

Bill Nye: The Science Guy un-numbered promo
Buffy Connections P-UK (3), Pi (2), P1 (4), P-1P

Buffy Season 1 BP1, MS1 (2)
Buffy Season 2 BP1, BP2 (2)
Buffy Season 3 BL2 (3), B3-3 (4), B3-4
Buffy Season 4 B4-1 (26), B4-2, BL3 (2)
Buffy Season 5 B5-1 (2), B5-2, BL-4 (5)
Buffy Season 6 B6-1 (7), B6-SD2002 (2)
Buffy Season 7 B7-1 (5), B7-2 (3), B7-3, B7-4, B7-Mem, NSU-SD, Sky TV cello pack promo set
Buffy Reflections P1 (5)
Buffy Big Bads P1 (6), P2 (2), Pi (2)
Buffy Women of Sunnydale P1 (5), Pi
Buffy: The Story Continues P1

Buffy CCG P10
Buffy Season 1 DVD promo card set
Buffy Season 2 DVD promo card set

Buffy Bears BB-1 (2)
Buffy Fan Club Comic-Con International 2000 four card set
Buffy CD Cardz Set of 4 (Spike, Buffy, Willow, Xander) in plastic case

Buffy Chuppa Chups Stickers:
Angel - 10
Angel with demon Jenny
Buffy (blue background) - 2
Buffy (red background) - 6
Buffy and Angel - 4
Buffy and demons - 7
Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo - 3
Chupa Chups logo - 5
Claw - 6
Dru, The Judge, and Spike - 3
Giles - 1
Master - 8
Oz - 9
Angel and The Judge - 3
Spike (copper background) - 5
Spike (red background) - 3
Spike and Drusilla - 3
The Judge - 4
Willow - 7
Willow and Oz - 3
Willow and Xander - 4
Xander - 7
Butt-Ugly Martians P1, P2
Charmed P0 (3), P1, P2
Charmed: Connections P2 (2), CC-3 (3)

The Crocodile Hunter P1
CSI Series 1 PR1 (4), CI1, PR2
CSI Series 2 CSI-WEB2

CSI Miami CSM CI1, CSM2, CSM3, CSIM-WEB1 (2)
Dark Angel P1 (5)
Dexter’s Laboratory un-numbered promo

DragonballZ Filmcardz P1
DragonballZ Series II P2
DragonballZ Series IV P1

DragonballZ Cell’s Domination Drill P2
Duckman P1
Dr. Who Big Screen SC-1

Dr. Who NS-1 (2), PH-1 (2), SI-1
Fantasy World of Irwin Allen P1 (2)
The Family Guy P2

Farscape Season 1 P1 (27), un-numbered promo (2)

Farscape Season 2 un-numbered promo (3)
Farscape Season 3 P1 (2)
Farscape Season 4 P1 (2), P2, Dobble head promo
Farscape in Motion PM1 promo (5)

Farscape: Through the Wormhole P1 (3), P2

Gargoyles S1
Gillian’s Island P1, P2, P3
Goosebumps P1

Gundam Wing Zero
Happy Days P1 (2)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys un-numbered promo (2)
The Complete Highlander P1 (2), P2 (2)
Home Improvement S1 (2)
I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary C-C promo (2)
Incredible Hulk (Upper Deck) contest card
Jerry Springer Show P1, P2
Jimmy Neutron Ore-Ida promo 23, 24
Justice League P2 (2), P5, P7 (3)
The Lone Ranger P2
Lost in Space (TV) P3 (2)
LEXX P1, un-numbered promo (2)
The Complete Lost in Space P1

Mask: The Animated Series S-1 (2), M1
Melrose Place vertical and horizontal (2) un-numbered promos
Monty Python’s Flying Circus Series 1 P2
The Osbournes P0 (3), P1
The Outer Limits (Duocards) P2
Outer Limits un-numbered promo (4)

The Outer Limits P1 (4)
Powerpuff Girls Series 2 un-numbered promo
Reboot Dot Patrol promo
Roswell Season 2 RL-1
Roswell Season 3 PR-1

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & The Island of Misfit Toys P1 (3)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch un-numbered promo
The Saint P1

Scooby Doo Mysteries and Monsters SDMM-1 (3)
Scorpion King SKP-2
Simpsons Series 1 P3 (2)
Simpsons Series 2 P2 (3), P3
Simpsons 10th Anniversary P1 (36), P2 (2), SD2000 (2)
Simpsons Mania P1, P2 (2)
Six Feet Under P1 (5)

Sliders un-numbered promo
Smallville P1 (6), P2 (2), SM1-SD (2), P3
Smallville Season 2 - SM2i (2), SM2-1 (3), SM2-2
Smallville Season 3 - SM3-1 (3), SM3-2, SM3-SD
The Sopranos P1

Spike: The Complete Story
P1, Pi

Stargate: SG1 Premiere Edition P1 (4)
Stargate: SG1 Season 4 P1

Stargate: SG1 Season 5 P1 (5), P2 (5)
Stargate: SG1 Season 6 P1, P2
Stargate: SG1 Season 7 P1 (6), P3

Star Trek Master Series Excelsior Leaves Spacedock prototype card (2)
Star Trek Master Series Lt. Worf Promo
Star Trek Master Series II survey card

Star Trek The Future Arrives in 1994 ad card
Star Trek 1997 Preview un-numbered promo (3)
Star Trek: The Original Series 2 un-numbered promo
Star Trek: The Original Series 3 un-numbered promo
Star Trek 30 Years Phase Three survey card
Star Trek 30 Years Reflections of the Future Phase One NSU promo
Star Trek: 35th Anniversary P1 (2)
Star Trek Cinema Collection un-numbered promo
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 sample promo card
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 prototype card S2 (2)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 promo prototype card S1
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 commemorative card
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 un-numbered promo (2)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Profiles un-numbered promo (2)
Quotable Star Trek: The Next Generation P2

Star Trek Nemesis P1 (5)
Star Trek Complete Deep Space 9 P1 (2), P2, RAUK-DS9

Star Trek Deep Space 9 - 99 All-Time Greatest Moments un-numbered promo (2)
Star Trek Deep Space 9 un-numbered promo (2)
Star Trek Deep Space 9 prototype card
Star Trek Deep Space 9 Star Trek Fan Club card

Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 P1 (4)
Star Trek Enterprise Season 2 P1, P2 (2)
Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 P1, P2

Star Trek Voyager: Closer to Home un-numbered promo
Star Trek Voyager: Profiles un-numbered promo (3)

The Complete Star Trek Voyager P1 (5)
Star Trek: The Animated Series P1 (2)
Star Trek: The Original Series Quotable P1 (5), P2
Star Wars Clone Wars P1 (2)

Thunderbirds Series 1 P1, P2
Transformers Generation One P2

Twilight Zone Season 1 P1
Twilight Zone Season 2 P1 (34), P2 (22)
Twilight Zone Season 4 P1 (5)

The Wild, Wild West (TV) P1 (2)
Witchblade TV P1, Pi
X-Files VHS Collector Cards - V1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 26

X-Files Season 1 P3 (4), P4 (2), P6

X-Files Season 3 P1 (5)
X-Files Season 4&5 P1
X-Files Season 6&7 XBL-1 (2), X67-1 (3)
X-Files Season 8 XF8-1 (3)

X-Files Season 9 P1 (6), P-UK (2)
X-Files Movie Cards P1 promo (3)
X-Files Magazine promo card (2)
X-Files Fan Club Comic-Con International 2000 4 card set
X-Men Movie X4

Xena Season 1 (Topps) P1 (3)
Xena Season 2 (Topps) P2 (3)
Xena Season 3 (Topps) P1 (23)
Xena Season 4&5 (Rittenhouse) P1 (3), P2 (2) P4
Xena Season 6 (Rittenhouse) P1, P2
Xena Beauty & Brawn P1 (3), P2

The Quotable Xena P1 (5), P2 (3)
Xena Art & Images P1(9)

Ace Ventura When Nature Calls prototype card
Alien Legacy P1, P2 (3)
Alien vs. Predator
P1 (2), Pi (2)
Armageddon #4, #6, #11, #14
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me P1 (3), P2 (2), P3 (4), MP3 (2), CD soundtrack promo card

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey promo
The Cat in the Hat P1 (2), P2 (4)
Catwoman P1, P2, Pi (2)
The Chronicles of Riddick P1 (2)

Civilian Justice movie and comic book promo

Congo the Movie PR2
The Crocodile Hunter NSU promo P1 (2)
The Crow protype P1 of 5

The Crow: City of Angels Wizard P1, P3, P4, P5 (2)

Daredevil P2 (2)
Disney Premium P1, P2

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within P2
Flipper un-numbered promo
Frank Herbert’s Dune P1 (2)
Frankenstein P4

Free Willy 2 The Adventure Home un-numbered promo
Friday the 13th: The Legend of Jason P1, P2
The Frighteners P1

Godzilla P1 (2)
Gone with the Wind P2
Hammer Horror P4 (2)
Heavy Metal: The Movie and More un-numbered promo
Hellboy P2 (2)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas un-numbered promo, P1
Hulk in Motion Taco Bell set, P1 (5), 2, 3 (2)
Hulk in Motion Cheese Nips set (2)
Ice Age P1
The Incredible Hulk PC2

Independence Day WV P1
James Bond Connisseur’s Collection Volume 1 - P1 (2)
James Bond Connisseur’s Collection Volume 2 - P2
James Bond Connisseur’s Collection Volume 3 - P3 (3)
James Bond Die Another Day P1 (8)
James Bond 007 40th Anniversary P1 (2), P2 (2), P3
James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies P2 (3)
James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies Second Chance Drawing Card (2)
James Bond The World is Not Enough P1
Quotable James Bond P1 (4), P2
Women of James Bond in Motion P2

Judge Dredd Judge Anderson proto 2
Jumanji S1 (2), T1
Jurassic Park 3D JP3D-1
Jurassic Park un-numbered promo

Jurassic Park JP3i (3)
Jurassic Park JP3-2
Kazaam prototype card
Lil/ Pimp P1 (5)

The Lion King Series II un-numbered promo
Looney Toons Back in Action BIA-i (2)
LOTR: FOTR P1, P2 (4)
Lord of the Rings: FOTR Vivendi Universal game cards - Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck, Legolas’s Sword, Gandalf 3D Model, Frodo 3D Model
LOTR: TT P1 (6), P3, L2
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers calendar cards - Fellowship of the 9, Eowyn, Frodo, Rohan Army, In Balin’s tomb, Gandalf with Aragorn and Legolas, Theoden with Faramir and Eowyn
Set of 4 Sandylion cookie stickers
Lord of the Rings: ROTK P1, P3 (5)
Lord of the Rings: ROTK Artbox Actionflipz P1, P2
LOTR Chrome Trilogy P1
LOTR Nestle set of 5 cards

Men in Black un-numbered promo (6)
Men in Black II P1 (2), P2, P-SD (2)

Mortal Kombat sample
Mortal Kombat S1 (2)
Mortal Kombat chromium sample
Mummy Returns MR1 (26), MR3
Nightmare Before Christmas S1 protoype card
The Pagemaster S1
The Phantom Movie S1
Pinocchio S1

Planet of the Apes Archives P1 (4), P2
Planet of the Apes Movie cards P2 (3)
Pocahontas 4 card promo cello pack
The Relic un-numbered promo
Robots P1 (2), P-2
Rocky Horror Picture Show un-numbered promo
Scooby Doo Movie SD1 (3)
Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed P1, P2, Pi (2)

The Scorpion King SKP-1 (3), SKP-2 (3)
Shrek Comic Con July 19-22, 2001 promo
Shrek 2 un-numbered promo (4)

Signs Card 1,
2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow P2
Small Soldiers P1 (2), P2 (3)
Spawn un-numbered promo (4)

Spawn The Movie P2
Spawn The Toy Files P1
Species un-numbered promo (2)
Spy Kids 2 SK2#2
Starship Troopers P1, P2 (2)
Star Wars Evolution P1 (3), P2 (4), P4 (3)
Star Wars Galazy Series Three P3, P5
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine promo (2)
Star Wars Episode 1 3D P1 (8)
Star Wars Return of the Jedi P1

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire SOTE7 (2), P7, official reservation coupon card (2)
Star Wars Heritage P5
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith P1

Street Fighter theatre promo sticker

Terminator 2 Judgement Day T2-0
Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines P1 (4), P2 (2)
Thunderbirds GGTB

The Time Machine 1, 3
Titan AE P1 (26), P2
Tomb Raider TR2, TR3
Tomb Raider COL TR2-1 (5), TR2i (2), TR2-SD2003

Toy Story Activity center promo card (2)
Universal Monsters Illustrated un-numbered promo
Warriors of Virtue Fantasy Action promo card
The Wild, Wild West Movie un-numbered promo (2)
Women of James Bond in Motion P2 (2)
X-Men X4

X-Men 2 Movie P1 (4)

Zorro: The Movie P1, P2 (2)


Amalgam Dark Claw promo
The Amazing Spider-Man Mary Jane SM-2

Ania un-numbered promo
Animal Mystic - 2 different promos
The Art of Heavy Metal un-numbered promo
Ash Wizard promo #9, NSU Promo
Batman Master Series un-numbered promo
Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight un-numbered promo
Black Velvet Studios promo postcard

Bloodsucking Beasts From Hell P2
Bone un-numbered promo
Bone Series 2 chromium un-numbered promo
Cain Decryptor card 1
Caliber Comics Doorman un-numbered promo
Captain Canuck commemorative trading card

Captain Everything promo 2
Captain Glory Kirbychrome 1/4 promo

Butt-Ugly Martians P2
Chaos Comics silver holofoil promo
The ClanDestine Marvel UK un-numbered promo
Comic Art promo
Conan Collector Cards un-numbered promo
Conan II All Chromium un-numbered promo
Conan II All Chromium D19 promo
Conan II All Chromium D20 promo
Conan III All Chromium un-numbered promo
Conan The Manuel Years un-numbered promo
Conan: Art of the Hyborian Age P1 (3)
Cosmic Teams P00 Dragonmage promo

Creator’s Edition Skybox Master Series BP1 Tetonka
Creator’s Edition Skybox Master Series N1 Sparrow
Creator’s Edition Skybox Master Series P1 Sounddriver
Creator’s Edition Skybox Master Series Cl1 The Iguana
The Creators Universe The Silencer un-numbered promo

Creed chromium un-numbered promo
Crimson The Millennium Convention Card Summer 2000

Crimson H1
Crimson NSU1
Crimson Embrace un-numbered promo
Cyberforce P1, C1, Wizard Series III promo 4
Cyberforce Summer P1

Cybernary Wizard series III promo #9
Deathblow comic promo
Deathwatch 2000 PR1, PR2, PR3, PR5
Defective Comics un-numbered promo

Definitive Dawn un-numbered promo
Dawn and Beyond un-numbered promo
Divine Right Wizard holofoil promo 20
Double Impact un-numbered promo and 0 bonus card
Doctor Chaos un-numbered promo
Doomsday P1
Doomsday: The Death of Superman 00, 000 prototype promos

Erik Larson’s The Savage Dragon Wizard Promo 3
Evil Ernie Destroyer Wizard promo 1
Evil Ernie Chromium P1, P2
Extreme Sacrifice un-numbered promo

Face the Fire P1
Fathom NSU1
Foes of Superman Lex Luther II prototype card
Foes of Superman Mr. Mxyzptlk prototype card

Gen13 Wizard series III promo #7
Generation X: The Countdown Is On comic promo
Ghost P2
Golden Age of Comics All-Chromium F2
The Good Guys un-numbered promo
Heavy Metal FAKK2 P1, P2
Hellshock #1 promo

Hero Masterfoil Cyber Force/Stryke Force #3 promo
Hero Team Up #1
Hero Team Up #2
Hero Team Up #3
J. Michael Straczynski’s Rising Stars un-numbered promo
Jim Lee’s Holly Daye Wizard promo #9
Jim Lee’s Stormwatch Wizard #4 promo
Jim Lee’s Wildcats Wizard Series III promo #3,

Jim Lee’s Wildcats un-numbered promo
Jim Valentino’s Shadowhawk 2, 8
Judgement Day P1, P2
Kindred promo 4/12,
Kindred ½ promo
Lady Death Night Gallery un-numbered promo
Lady Death vs. Lucifer P0

Lady Death un-numbered promo
Lady Death chromium collector card series 2 un-numbered promo
Magneto #0 comic promo

Mark Silvestri’s Cyber Force Wizard promo 6
Mark Silvestri’s Stryke Force Wizard promo #9

Marvel Comics vs. DC Batman vs. Captain America promo
Marvel Comics Atlantis Rising un-numbered promo
Marvel Comics 1995 Universal Studios Florida un-numbered promo
Marvel Community Service Captain America, Falcon, Daredevil, Wasp promo card

Marvel Creators Collection 98 un-numbered promo
Marvel Daredevil Milk promo
Marvel EnviroMen environmental protection Storm, Wolverine, Namor & Hulk promo
Marvel Legends Daredevil P3

Marvel Masterpieces Hulk un-numbered promo
Marvel Masterpieces Psylocke un-numbered promo
Marvel Masterpieces Spider-Man un-numbered promo
Marvel Masterpieces uncut promo sheet 4 Wolverine cards
Marvel Metal 3D prismatic foil uncut promo sheet - Flasher, Venom, Wolverine & Iron Man
Marvel National Safe Kids Campaign Trading Card Treats set of 5: Captain America, Ghost Rider, Hulk, She-Hulk, Spider-Man
Marvel Premium QFX Wolverine promo

Marvel Team-Ups Spider-Man & Wolverine Ziploc card 3
Marvel Universe Series IV Silver Sable un-numbered promo
The Mask Returns P1
Mike Grell’s Shamans Tears #7 promo
Milestone Blood Syndicate prototype card
Milestone Hardware prototype card
Milestone Icon & Rocket prototype card
Milestone Static prototype card

Mike Allred’s Madman Wizard promo
Nelson’s Mordare Wizard # 2 promo

NightCry Vol. 4 un-numbered promo
Nightwing Wizard promo #17
Oh My Goddess! friendship card

Onslaught Wizard embossed foil promo 4
Overstreet Giveaway Gimmick #4
Overstreet’s Fan Shi comic promo
Overstreet’s Fan Spawn comic promo

The Phantom comic un-numbered promo
Pitt Trading Cards un-numbered promo
Plasm Overstreet Giveaway Gimmick #4
Poison Elves un-numbered promo
Powerchrome Legends ‘95 Superman prototype promo

Predator vs. Robot Fighter #4 promo
Presspass Manta Comics Wizard Eudaemon promo
Presspass Wizard Tribe promo
Previews Cover Card Set Series 1 cello pack

Prince Valiant un-numbered promo
Promethea P3
Psychocards Superhero Captain Lightning promo #4
The Punisher War Journal Entry Deathwish promo
Purgatori Wizaed promo #2
Razor Gothic chromium un-numbered promo
Rebel Dark Horse promo card
Return of Superman #0 promo

Rob Liefeld’s Battlestone Wizard promo #6
Rob Liefeld’s Brigade un-numbered promo
Rob Liefeld’s Brigade Wizard promo
Rob Liefeld’s Doom’s IV Wizard promo #8
Rob Liefeld’s Supreme Wizard promo #5

Ron Miller’s Firebrands un-numbered promo
The Rookies #8 Jellybean promo
The Rookies #7 Primaster promo
Sachs & Violens un-numbered promo
The Savage Dragon un-numbered promo
Scud: The Disposable Assassin promo
Shadowhawk un-numberd promo

Shadowhawk promo 3
Shi all chromium un-numbered promo
The Silver Age un-numbered promo
Sirius Gallery un-numbered promo
Skeleton Warriors Premiere Edition Ursak the Guardian promo

Spawn Wizard Al Simmons chromium promo
Spawn un-numbered promo
Spawn Merchandise promo card
Spawn fan promo card
Spider-Man Fleer Ultra Dr. Octopus P1
Spider-Man Fleer Wizard promo 8
Spiderman Fla-Vor Ice SM-2 (6), SM-3 (2)
Star Quest The Regency Wars un-numbered promo
Strangers in Paradise un-numbered promo
Stryfe Dark Riders promo
Stryfe X-Cutioner’s Song promo

Superman DC Firepower embossed promo
Superman Holoburst promo 1
Superman Holo Series un-numbered promo
Tank Girl un-numbered promo
Teknophage First Feeding comic promo
Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Wizard Promo 1
Tomorrow Stories P4
Tom Strong P1

Top Cow Showcase: The Painted Cow P1, P2
Top Cow Universe un-numbered promo
Triton Comic Cards & Collectibles Daredevil P1, P3
Triton Comic Cards & Collectibles #6 Hellshock promo

Ultra Real Monsters uncut promo sheet 4 cards
Ultraverse Solitaire Joker
Ultraverse Edition Skybox Master Series P0 Tyrannosaur promo
Ultraverse P1
Ultraverse II: Origins Trading Cards P0
Union Wizard promo #6
Upper Deck Company & Valiant team promo
Valiant Rookies RAI promo
Valiant Unity un-numbered promo
Valiant Unseen Art U4, U5
Valiant FA1 X-O Manowar
Valiant FA8 Shadowman
Valiant FA9 Bloodshot

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust un-numbered promo
Vampirella P0, P1,
P2, P3
Vampirella Wizard promo #16

The Vampress Luxura P1
Whilce Portacio’s Wetworks Wizard promo 8
Widow un-numbered promo
Wildstar Wizard promo #10
Will Eisner’s The Spirit Wizard promo
William Shatner’s Tek World T4

Witchblade un-numbered promo
Witchblade: Darkness Family Ties un-numbered promo
Witchblade: Disciples of the Blade un-numbered promo
Wizard artists promo 4, 5
Wizard 25th Silver Anniversary GOP
Wolverine “From Then ‘Til Now” II un-numbered promo

Wonder Comics Golden Age of Comics chromium un-numbered promo
World of US Manga un-numbered promo
X-Men Fleer Ultra uncut 2 card sheet Wolverine and Gold Team Bishop
X-Men Fleer Ultra all chromium Cyclops promo
X-Men Fleer Ultra all chromium un-numbered promo
X-Men Fleer Ultra all chromium Wolverine promo
X-Men 2 Juggernaut Super-Villains prototype card
X-Men 2099 Oasis un-numbered promo
Youngblood S1 Badrock promo

21st Century Archives Bettie Page P1 promo
21st Century Archives Varga Calendar Dec. 1945 prototype card
21st Century Archives Gatefold April 1944 prototype card

Alien World of Wayne Barlowe un-numbered promo
Artist Choice Collector Cards P3
Bernie Wrightson: Master of the Macabre un-numbered promo
Best of the Hildebrandts all-chromium un-numbered promo
Bill Ward: Fifty Fabulous years of Torchy un-numbered promo
Blueprints of the Future: Prophetic Visions from the Art of Vincent Di Fate promo
Boris: The Best of Boris All-Chromium un-numbered promo
Boris 3 All-prism un-numbered promo
Boris 4 un-numbered promo
The Brothers Hildebrandt collectors card un-numbered promo
The Chetirko Collection (12 card set)

Comic Images Previews Promo Cards
D1 Green Magic
D2 Meowzy Whale
D3 Sovereign Warrior

D4 Forest of The Unicorn
D8 Pedrum
D9 Yhtac
D10 Three Musketeers
D12 Shelob
D13 Urshurak Book Cover
D14 Decidon

Comic Images Supreme Collector Cards un-numbered promo
Daryl K. Sweet P2
Doug Beekman un-numbered, P1, P2
Everway P7, P10, P11
Frazetta, The Best of all chromium un-numbered promo
Frazetta II: The Legend Continues un-numbered promo

Gil Elvgren’s Calendar Pinups 2 promo
Gil Elvgren’s Ladies of Naughty Nostalgia promo
Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: Separate and Together all chromium un-numbered promo

Jack Kirby: The Unpublished Archives un-numbered promo
Jim Warren’s Beyond Bizarre un-numbered promo
Jim Warren 2 More Beyond Bizarre un-numbered promo

Joe Jusko’s Edgar Rice Burroughs NSU promo
Joe Jusko un-numbered promo
John Bolton’s Vampir Theatre un-numbered promo

Julie Bell: Beauty and the Steel Beast P2

Ken Barr: The Beast Within un-numbered promo
Ken Kelly Collection #2 un-numbered promo

Lee Macleod P1 promo
Luis Royo: The Best of Royo All Chromium un-numbered promo
Luis Royo: Forbidden Universe Royo 2 un-numbered promo
Luis Royo: From Fantasy to Reality un-numbered promo
Luis Royo: Millennium all-omnichrome P1, P2 , P3
Luis Royo: Secret Desires un-numbered promo

The Masterpiece Collection un-numbered promo
Michael Bruinsma, Fantasy Art of P2

Michael Kaluta un-numbered promo
Mike Ploog un-numbered promo
More Than Battlefield Earth: Science Fiction Art of L. Ron Hubbard promo
The New American Pin-Up P4
Norman Rockwell 2 un-numbered promo

Olivia, The Best of un-numbered promo
Other Worlds: Michael Whelan II un-numbered promo
Paul Chadwick Fantasy Art promo
Paul Pope THB un-numbered promo card
Richard Corben un-numbered promo
Sanjulian un-numbered promo
Hajime Sorayama un-numbered promo

Sorayama: Silver & Satin P1
Sorayama II: Chromium Creatures un-numbered promo
Sorayama II: All Chromium Series D6 promo
Stephen Hickman un-numbered promo
Teddy Girls: The Pin-Up Art of Ted Kimer promo
Tim Hildebrandt’s Flights of Fantasy un-numbered promo

William Stout un-numbered promo
William Stout’s Saurians & Sorcerers un-numbered promo
William Stout 2 un-numbered promo

2003 Chicagoland Entertainment Collector's Expo promo (2)

The Barbi Twins P1
The Beatles Sports Time P1
Black Sabbath P1, P2
Bob Marley Legend un-numbered, P5 NSU promo
Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo 2005 Weepy promo

The Coca-Cola Collection Series 3 P9
Elvira un-numbered promo
Elvira Mistress of Omnichrome P1, P2
Elvis: The Platinum Collection P1 (2), P3 (3), P9
Endless Summer P1 Maci Wilkins
Face the Fire P1

GI Joe 30th Salute un-numbered promo
Harlem Globetrotters un-numbered promo
Hershey's S1 promo (6)

Hot Wheels PR1, PR2

Julie Strain: Queen of the B Movies un-numbered promo
KISS Series 1 P6 (2), P9 (2)

KISS Series 2 P1 (2), P2 (2)
KISS Years ad card (2)
Marilyn Monroe II P1
McDonaldland 500 MPC-1
Midwest Non-Sport Show ½ Windy City Warfare

Mini-Signature Series spring catalog promo card
Morbid Monsters P1
Norfin Trolls Series 1 2/4 and 3/4 protoype cards
Original Hot Aire Cards Teddy Bears Hot Air Balloon promo
Philly Non-Sports Show Celebrating 15 Years of Non-Sport Update

Philly Non-Sports Show Mark Macaluso
Philly Non-Sports Lou Sciara & Bud Palmer
Philly Non-Sports Martians Amok in Philly 2/2 Chicago error card

Playboy Jenny McCarthy promo
Playboy Pam Anderson promo
Playboy Chromium Cover Card Ed. 2 P2
Playboy Chromium Cover Card Ed. 3 P3
Portfolio 1993 P3 Alecia Guzman
Proset Bubbling with Enthusiasm Facts & Feats prototype card
Proset Head and Shoulders Above Natural & Human World prototype card

Swimsuits and Mermaids P8
Timem.com un-numbered promo (2)
Ugogrl.com P3 promo (2)

Wacky Packages P1, P2
Willy Nilli in Philly P1

18 Wheelers P4, P5
Crash and Burn Promo A
Dream Machines P6 Ferrari

In-Line Indian Motorcycle SP1
Titanic P1

Aliens Predator Under Its Gaze
Arcadia Waylay Wandering Imp promo
Extreme Destroyer Kid Supreme
Fantasy Adventures Lord Delos
Fantasy Adventures Rexin Darklord
Killer Instinct Techno-mage Promo
Legend of the Five Rings A Perfect Cut
Mage Knight Lancers Slurshem (Zombie Necropolis Sect)
Mage Knight Dungeons game ad card
Magic: The Gathering Norritt
Magic: The Gathering Fylgjat
Magic: The Gathering Prismatic Ward
Magic: The Gathering Scaled Wurm
Marvel Overpower Captain Universe promo
Marvel Overpower Galactus promo
Marvel Overpower Savage Land Any Hero promo
Marvel Overpower Age of Apocalypse promo
Monster Rancher Suezo promo
One The Edge Fractal Infection
Rage Stand Like a Fool
Sailor Moon CCG promo
Sailor Moon NSU CCG 30/160 and 4/70
Sailor Moon Archive promo

Sim City NASA
ST: NG Warp Pack cello pack of 12 cards
Super Mario Bros National Safe Kids Campaign Trading Card Treats set of 6 cards
Tahngarth promo
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Lucita
Wildstorms Who’s the Boss
Wizard in Training Magic Come
Wizard in Training Molassas Potion
WWF Raw Deal Spinarooni
WWF Raw Deal Fully Loaded Game Expansion #1 Kurt Angle
WWF Raw Deal Fully Loaded Game Expansion #1 Crippler Crossface
WWF Raw Deal Mania Game Expansion RVD
Yuyu Hakusho Ghost Files promo pack

Ancient Joe AJ0E1 promo
Blast Off! BLAST1 promo
Hellboy: Conqueror Worm HELL2 promo
Lone Wolf Club LWC14 promo
Maverick 2001 MAVANN2 prmo
Outlaw 7 OUTLAW1 promo
Planet of the Apes; The Human War APES1 promo
The Ring of the Nibelung: Gotterdammerung RING2 promo
The Tenth: Resurrected TENTH1 promo
Johji Manabe #6 promo
Hiroaki Samura #4 promo
Masamune Shirow #1 promo
Kenichi Sonoda #3 promo
Adam Warren/Toren Smith #5 promo

Akira P1
DragonballZ P2, P10
DragonballZ Series 3 P1 (2)
Masters of Japanese Animation un-numbered promo
Masters of Japanese Animation P2 Robot Carnival promo
Sailor Moon P1, P2, Philly promo
Sailor Moon archive promo

Sakura Avalon S1 promo
The Slayers P2

Benchwarmers NSU Tanya Ballinger & Kitana Baker promo

Benchwarmer 9 - Brook Morales
Benchwarmer Series II Cindy Sullivan P3
Benchwarmer P4 Lauren Michelle Hill NSU

Bullettes P13 Lisa Marie Byram
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader P1 Amy Merriman-Lemon
The National Pastime Phil Rizzuto’s baseball promo
National Sports Collector Convention 15th anniversary salute promo
Racing Form Chris McCarron promo
Swimwear Illustrated 1993 collector cards un-numbered promo
Swimwear Illustrated 1994 collector cards un-numbered promo
US Olympicards 1992 Wendy Lian Williams prototype card
US Olympicards 1992 Jackie Joyner-Kersee prototype card
US Olympicards 1992 Dan O’Brien prototype card
Warren Spahn Diamond King Puzzle Cards 7-9, 19-21, 37-39, 46-49, 55-57

WCW n WO P2 Sting
WCW n WO P3 Macho Man
WCW n WO P4 Diamond Dallas Page
WWF Smackdown P1, P2, P3
WWF Superstarz P3
WCW All embossed P1
Vengeance Raw Deal (2)

Cardtoons P1, P2, P3

Meanie Babies P2 Upchuck promo

21st Century Archives Horror Stories prototype card
21st Century Archives Weird Tales prototype card
Astounding Stories promo

Best Defense P1, P2, P3, P4

Decision 92 P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6
Don't Let It Happen Here P1

Major Issues P1, P2, P4, P5, P6
Native Americans P1
NostalgiCards NC1
World War II P1, P2

Inkworks 2003 promo packet - Buffy 7, Smallive 2, Justice League, Tomb Raider COL, Angel 4, Alias 2, Looney Tunes Back in Action, Charmed, Scooby Doo, X-Files (2)

24 Season 3

Alias Season 1 (2)
Andromeda premiere season
Andromeda Reign of the Commonwealth
Battlestar Galactica
Buffy Season 2

Buffy Season 3 (tri-fold)
Buffy Season 5 (tri-fold)
Buffy Season 6/ Angel Season 3
Buffy Season 7/Angel Season 4 (5)
Buffy Connections (2)
Buffy Connections (tri-fold)
Buffy Reflections (tri-fold)
Buffy Big Bads (3)
Buffy Women of Sunnydale (3)

Charmed: The Power of Three (2)
Charmed: Connections

Dr. Who Big Screen

Farscape Season 3
Farscape Season 4
Farscape Through the Wormhole (2)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (trifold)

The Complete Highlander (2)

Lord of the Rings Two Towers Update
Lord of the Rings Return of the King
Men in Black II

The Osbournes
Scooby Doo Monsters and Mysteries (3)
Scooby Doo Movie

Smallville Season 1
Spike: The Complete Story (2)
Stargate: Season 7 (9)

Quotable Star Trek (3)
Raw Deal Vengeance

Star Wars Evolution
Terminator 2: Judgement Day FilmCardz

Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life

Witchblade Season 1
Witchblade Millennium

Xena Beauty & Brawn
The Quotable Xena (2)
Xena Art & Images (3)

X-Files Season 6 & 7

X-Files Season 8 (2)
X-Files Season 9

"Buffy" cover Vol. 14, no. 4 Aug/Sep 20003 Variant Issue (2)

"24" cover Vol. 14, Issue 5 Oct/Nov 2003 Variant Issue (2)
"Lord of the Rings ROTK" cover Vol. 14, Issue 6 Dec 2003/Jan 2004 Variant Issue (2)

US TV Guide

Set of 4 ROTK holographic covers


Lord of the Rings FOTR 2 postcard set

Wizard Prototype Version 1 Wizard #29 promo
McFarlane’s Santa Todd 1993 promo
Collector’s Edge 1994 Team NFL
Classic games Team NFL 1994 Santa Claus Quarterback
Fleer Ultra NFL 1994
Pinnacle 1994 NFL Sack Attack lenticular motion
Playoff Team NFL 1994 Coach Claus & Da Deers
Skybox 1993 Jim Kelly Quarterback
Team NFL Checklist
Topps 1994 Team NFL
Upper Deck 1994 Santa Claus Quarterback

Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe TeknoCOMIX phone card
The Original Universe DC Comics promo postcard
Oni PS2 promo postcard Darkchylde: The Variants postcard ad
Moore Action Collectibles postcard ad
Moore Action Collectibles Kabuki action figure postcard ad
X-Men movie promo poster from the box
Star Wars Boba Fett sticker set (2)
LOTR Valentine's Day cards

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